Ramadan and Loadshedding in Pakistan

“What is more tolerable, fasting for 22 hours in 18 degree celsius or fasting for 16 hours in 48 degree celsius in the sweltering heat, thank your stars you are not in Pakistan?” chided my mom as I complained about the long hours of fasting. 22 hours here in Europe as compared to 16 hours in Pakistan but  it is true, that this summer,Pakistanis are going through no mean test.  It is not just Ramadan that is testing peoples’ patience, but prolonged hours of power outages  in the hot weather that is making matters worse.

The government  tried uplifting the mood by announcing no loadshedding during the three important aspects of ramazan i.e sehri (eating for fast at dusk), aftari (breaking the fast) and taraweeh (the recitation of Holy Quran usually conducted by the mosque imam). Despite all the lofty claims and raising unrealistic expectations, the story is the same, heavy and unscheduled loadshedding continues in all parts of the country.

The government, like the previous governments, didnt/couldnt walk the talk   and unscheduled loadshedding remains rampant.  So what are people doing? We know they are out on the sreets but are they putting in productive hours at the workplace or taking it easy and lazy. Are they spending more time doing “ibadat?” What is the toll on the already tattered economy  An interesting survey highlights the   costs on the Muslim nations economy during the month of Ramazan.  Pakistan, with its scourage of power failures, is definitely facing more costs. But for now, kudos to the entire nation for putting up with the sweltering heat and the power failures.

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