Electricity Theft: Would ‘Religious Blackmailing’ Work?

The recent report on Peshawer Electric Supply Corporation to seek divine help to solve the power theft left me yet again shocked. Why do we have to drag religion to an issue that is by any standard a wrong doing (morally, socially, and religiously)?Everybody acknowledges that it is wrong to steal yet we do and come up with arguments that defeat common sense (even its not common), for example, why should we pay for the inefficiencies of others? why do we pay when our province generates the electricity? or even as the authorities in the province of Khyber Paakhtukhuwa play on religious grounds by reminding that only when we relate religion to anything, it may stimulate the desired response, else everything can be taken for granted?

If mixing religion with politics, history,nationalsim showed us that it is a deadly mix, mixing religion with not paying for electricity bills would lead us nowhere. Even then, we find the society completey fractured and corrupt. We all agree that controlling power theft is no mean task. A colossal amount of Rs. 90 billion have been lost to electricity crisis.  Doesnt it make more sense, for the KP rulers to clamp down on this menace in a more practical way. Stringent rules and regulations to be brought in to reduce the amount of theft with heavy fines induced or as the KESC showed by incentivising the good behaviour. A uniform industry code of practices to be followed by all the provinces would help ensure a consistent approach to dealing with power theft and send the right message across the country.

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