Pakistan’s New Energy Policy: A Hope Worth Having!

Kudos to the Nawaz Sharif government for bringing out the country’s first National Energy Policy 2013-18. It is encouraging to note that the government has come up with a policy whose lack of it has made the country and its people suffer to insurmountable heights. So while the government has won applause, would the policy really serve to end the loadshedding and provide Pakistan a sustainable energy future? Like many others, I am sceptical despite feeling hopeful as we can’t loose the hope – where there is will, there is a way…

While the NEP has not been made public as it is under review by other provinces,Pakistan needs a policy that holds the vision of making it a truly sustainable and an energy efficient country. A country whose energy thrives on cheap ways to achieve surplus energy with reduced generation cost and increased environmental benefits.   I hope the policy makers are able to break the age old barriers plaguing the energy sector and promote fresh thinking through research and development, introducing governance reforms and deregulating the sector. The rhetoric of producing coal and hydel power can solve the crisis in the short run but will certainly not pave the way for a sustainable energy efficient country. The government must realize that if the policy is not designed carefully, its repercussion on Pakistan’s socio- economic scenario may exceed the cost of policy. That means it must take into consideration the triple bottom line (3BL) of people, profits and planets. For this, the dysfunactional bureaucracy must pave way for reform leadership and manage things in the most sustainable way.

I know that there is no easy way to fix the energy crisis that was in the making for the last twenty odd years, hence, this energy policy is not expected to be a panacea to the energy crisis, but its a hope worth having!!!

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