Business Duo in Control of the Cockpit: Would Pakistani Economy Fly High?

As Pakistani law makers vote to elect its 12th President,  I have at least two reasons for being excited: 1) its a great feeling of pride to see an alumnus of my alma mater, Institute Of Business Administration, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, at the verge of becoming the President of my beloved country; 2) it will bring a new weave of optimism in the country’s economic environment when the head of the state is also a successful businessman along side the head of the government, prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, who himself is a savvy businessman turned a politician. The political implication of Mr. Hussain being the President of Pakistan is also expected to be favourable for the current government as it will be in a more comfortable position, thus ebbing away the political uncertainty of the past . At a time, when the government is trying to focus on addressing the economic and security woes that have been testing the patience of the whole nation, it can be hoped that when the business duo is in control of the cockpit, Pakistan will not only make successful attempt at asking for investment and not aid, but also be ready to fly high. It is heartening to know that the economic focused diplomatic actions have already started showing positive outcomes. Adding political stability to the economic environment, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain’s win will further bolster the positivity.

All in all, I can hope that our next President, who is a symbol of federation, will play a pivotal role in stabilizing the country’s economy by taking initiatives that are business friendly to recover the industrial sector especially the textile sector which has taken a severe hit from the energy crisis. I don’t know what are the common things in the businesses of Textile (Mr. Hussain) and Steel making (Mr. Sharif), but at least both industries have a common denominator, energy crisis that is causing havoc in the Pakistani economy. I hope that together with the Prime Minister, Mr. Hussain can encourage and support the initiatives to promote a more business friendly image of the country, especially by focusing on dealing with the energy and security crises facing us.

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