Doing energy business smart way – Does Denmark have the answer?

I got hold of the recording of a panel discussion held during an International Conference on Energy at Denmark Technical University (DTU). The panel was chaired was Mr. Martin Lidegaard, Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building in Denmark. The panel consisted of R&D Directors of Siemens, Dong Energy, Danish Energy Association Danish Energy Industries Federation and ATP, the pension company.  The panelists backed up the role of R&D and opined the collaborations between the industry, universities and researchers as the linchpin to Denmark’s competitive edge in the field of green energy. With the stress on R&D, equally important was the realization that green transition cannot be without successfully making a business case for it. The speakers unanimously agreed about the crucial role of smart grids and other information and communication technologies for integration of renewables in an efficient way on both national and transnational scale. The whole idea behind is to have a reliable and secure supply of energy at the right price. Smart grids offer the most effective way of developing power systems and while a controversy is brewing up, Denmark continues to stride forward. Perhaps, Denmark knows how to do the energy business smart way. Only time will tell. Right now everyone appears to be convinced that the current level, or even more, of investment in renewable energy sources and bringing the generated energy to the national grid and keep pushing for european level integration of smart girds are the ways to go forward. However, it is difficult to say what is the mood in other European capitals on this issue, e.g., would Poland support an integrated smart grid or would Germany be willing to continue having higher surcharges for renewable energy? Again only the time will tell – Mr. Lidegaard had a lot of ideas but it is yet to be seen how to material one of more of those ideas.

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