Taking a dip in absurdity

Ever since my childhood, I have heard that Pakistan is going through a very difficult phase and that things will improve.  What I have observed in the past three decades and we all agree that the state of affairs in Pakistan has gone from bad to worse. Economy, terrorism, lack of electricity and with it the collapse of infrastructure and an abysmal set of leaders are vulnerabilities that we have gotten used to. Our naive leaders and their abyss of ignorance keeps on getting deeper. Labelling mobile networks as terror networks and suspending the service is one such act.

Infrastructure facilitates the basic functions of the society. Communication systems are an integral part of the infrastructure. So when the government decided to block all cell phones  on the eve of Muhaaram , labelling them as terror networks,  it was a clear breach of the rights of citizens of Pakistan. This was not the first time that the public had to go through this hassle. The present and previous government has been involved in such bans on all important festivities and religious gatherings.  Are we bomb proof only for those special days and left to our destiny otherwise?  Such disruptions are not just an infringement of rights of Pakistani citizens but socially and economically quite expensive and catastrophic. At a time when the country is economically handicapped due to electricity crisis, such bans only fuel the fire by further detracking the country from the economic path. Mobile companies have suffered huge losses in the wake of these absurd decisions.

The Sindh province government has recently banned the Skype and Viber services and the reactions on public forums like twitter have been immense. The government has already banned Youtube for the last one year. With a burgeoning number of active internet users, it is a tragedy to deprive the country of all such services. Why cant we like China, suggest our own Facebooks, Twitters or Youtubes.

Why are our leaders naive to think that causing such infrastructure disruptions will help the public? Why do our leaders take the public as forsaken? Cant we deal with the threat of terrorism in a more systematic, technologically advanced way? Why take the dip in absurdity?

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