December 16 – A Black Day for Humanity

This post is dedicated to the tragedy struck in Pakistan . Today is a terrible terrible day for all of Pakistanis, for all of the mothers, for all the humanity. I am a mother and I am distraught to hear the tragedy that has struck in Peshawar, Pakistan. My heart like many others in the world is rending with sorrow and grief. As I stand for my namaz ,tears keep rolling down. I imagine for a second the plight of a mother who has lost her child in this tragedy and feel weak with grief. Emotions can’t keep control on themselves. I let the tears roll down because I don’t want them to stop. I let myself feel this tragedy. I let myself immerse in the numbness of the situation. I let myself grieve for more than 100 kids that have been brutally murdered in a terrorist attack. Terrorists have hit at the heart of my nation. I grieve with you Peshawar. I grieve with you Pakistan.

I want to dedicate this post to the average man on the street of Pakistan who has to face the ghastly act of terrorism in one way or the other. Pakistan, unfortunately is beset with issues that hit at the core of its existence. Terrorism being at the top. The country is fighting a war with lunatics who want to destroy it in the name of religion. When any tragedy strikes, the most affected is the common man who in all his innocence wants to work to make ends meet for him and his family. Unfortunately, the victims mostly include the young children and the old people who are already vulnerable by their poverty and now have to feel the pain in many ways, leave their homes, livelihood, loose their loved ones etc.  Our people have left homes for Pakistan, our soldiers are fighting the militancy for Pakistan, today our children gave their lives for this country. Isn’t it enough reminder to ourselves, no matter we are in politics, in government who is in power or in opposition, in civil society or in the media need to rise together for these champions. That can be the biggest shut up call for those barbarians who think that they can destroy us.

Let today’s incident be the water shed moment in the history of Pakistan. Let us have a clear stance on terrorism. Lets work to flush them out of our country and make Pakistan a progressive, socially just, and sustainable developed country.

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