Vinnie teaches sorting out waste like never before!

The South Australia’s Government initiative to educate the citizens in recycling campaign called is a step in the right direction. While South Australia has always been at top in recycling across Australia, citizens have not been wary about recycling the proper way. We are confounded by which items belongs to which bin almost on daily basis.

The campaign’s background work is quite strong as it addresses all the challenges faced by the general public.The campaign shows a family with its head Vinnie with daily dilemmas on how to sort out the garbage right and with a bit of humour involved, it seems to have struck the right cord. helps citizens make light work of sorting household waste. Councils, businesses involved in this can lend a big help in putting waste management the right way.

The importance of a successfully run campaign cannot be undermined. Successful campaigns can have a dramatic decrease in CO2 emissions as it happened in Vejle a town in Denmark where their successful campaign led to decrease of 11.5K tons of CO2. Our Councils can take further inspiration from the Municipality of Vejle, Denmark which convert the waste to biofuels which is then used to run the garbage trucks. The Municipality further plans to run all transport buses on biofuels.

We hope that such like campaigns will have a profound effect on the reductions in the emissions.Educating the public including the children and the young people through   exhibitions, events, social media will help address the global goals of quality education, responsible production and consumption and good health and well being.

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