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Mona Jamshaid divides her work life among different roles: researcher, project administrator, and career consultant. Apart from juggling between her freelance assignments, she tries to steal as much time as possible to follow and reflect on the current affairs in Pakistan and its people. She shares her views on People, Events, and Things (PET) in Pakistan on her blog Mona Jamshaid 360 (MJ360). She was a banker in Bank Alfalah, Pakistan where she chose to deal with people rather than money.  She holds an MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi. She went to Kinnaird College and Esena Foundation High School. She lives in a lovely suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark with her family.

15 Responses to About the Blogger

  1. Hasham Tariq Khan says:

    Mona – Hi, I read your insightful article on autism on dawn. It is most inspiring to read about how you and your husband have gone about it. I wish you and your family the very best for the future and thank you for sharing the experience.

  2. NORRIS PRITAM says:

    hello mona,

    i am a new delhi-based indian sports journalist. just read just read your beautiful story in dawn. i have been following a friend’s 26-year-old son ever since he was born and confirmed autistic when he was eight or nine months. keep up the good work by your brilliant writings. may god bless you.
    norris, new delhi.

  3. Asim Jilani says:

    Hi, read your article on autism. My daughter has recently been diagnosed autistic. She is 2.5 yrs old. I am wondering if you can share some speech therapy resources. I am looking for a starting point on which I can build her learning. We live in Saudi Arabia and I could not find professional help. Thanks.

  4. Suhaib says:

    it is a very good article on autism.

  5. SZG says:

    Hi Mona
    I read your fantastic article on autistic kids in Dawn. It is unfortunate that in Pakistan we do not have enough awareness about this condition. I am a researcher in Australia working on early diagnosis of ASD. I would like to get in touch with you and discuss any possible ways where I can be of help to Autistic kids in Pakistan. Would greatly appreciate your response.

  6. monajam says:

    Hello SZG, I would like to recommend Dr. Shazia Maqbool who is a Professor of Developmental Paediatrics at Childrens Hospital Lahore and is an acclaimed expert in the field. Hope this helps.

  7. Ashfaque Ahmed says:

    Hi Mona, I read your article on Autism today. My son 4 years is diagnosed with Autism 2 years ago. We are from Karachi, Pakistan but living in Saudi Arabia. We are doing everything like going to doctor, done all tests EEG, hearing and physiology and recently admitted him in a centre HOPE in Jeddah one years ago. Appreciate your guidance or help how we can bring my son to a normal life.

    • monajam says:

      Assalam oalikum Ashfaque, in a nutshell, I would say engage with your child as much as possible. If the assessment has been done, you would have a fair idea of where he stands on the spectrum. Work on his strengths, push boundaries wherever possible, replicate at home what the centre is doing with him. Read about Temple Grandin and how her mother kept her engaged since a very young age. Hope this helps.

  8. Shaista ghazal says:

    Hi mona i came across ur blog by accident…. you may not remember me but I think we were together in esena for a couple of years while my father was posted in Lahore . Luking forward to exploring ur blog…wish u best of luck

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