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Impact of Electricity Cuts on the Way of Life

Breakdown of critical infrastructure systems, such as electricity generation and distributing systems, in modern societies can lead to economic expensive and socially catastrophic consequences.¬†Pakistanis have been suffering from unscheduled and prolonged load shedding consistently for the past 7-8 years. This … Continue reading

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Sustainability Education- Need of the Hour

During the last few years, Pakistan has faced many man-made and natural disasters. It has been affected by floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes that has created a stressful society. Man-made critical infrastructure failure like the on going energy crisis has made … Continue reading

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Its not easy to make the “true” choice

It was a clear case of bashing. Rina Saeed Khan (RSK), an acitvitist for clean and renewable energy has always written commendable pieces about integrating economic development with environment but never before her piece invited such scathing comments as now. … Continue reading

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Water, plain and simple

I recently experienced an “Ahaaan!” moment, a refreshing insight into the energy, climate change, green economy (ECGE) nexus which for a long time has been labelled as a carbon management problem. I would like to confess that while taking an … Continue reading

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Green Growth and Poverty Reduction!

I can’t help becoming disappointed when I see comments on a public forum in Pakistan flatly ruling out any potential relationship between poverty alleviation and sustainable energy. I don’t understand why do some folks want to spread a general impression … Continue reading

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Green Pearls of Wisdom

The societal and economic adversaries caused by the acute energy crisis in Pakistan are being realized at all levels of the society. Everyday there are several news of new plans and initiatives to bring the energy crisis under control. One … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s New Energy Policy: A Hope Worth Having!

Kudos to the Nawaz Sharif government for bringing out the country’s first National Energy Policy 2013-18.¬†It is encouraging to note that the government has come up with a policy whose lack of it has made the country and its people … Continue reading

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