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Kenya brings in world’s toughest plastic bag ban: four years jail or $40,000 fine

Shedding light on urbanisation

Energy solutions

Solar energy production fails to take off despite electricity crisis

Violent protests erupt in parts of KP over prolonged loadshedding

Power firms fail to control theft, provoke the ire of govt

Ending power outages: Promises that were never kept

Taking a new line: Focusing on LNG, govt bans new solar and wind projects

Finnish investors bemoan govt’s lukewarm response

A question of power

Shops to shut down by 8pm in Islamabad, Punjab

Power sector infighting

Why Pakistan’s power woes will get worse

Energy crisis: Long power outages to continue this summer

Pakistan’s energy crisis could topple government, warns expert

Makeshift arrangement to tackle the energy sector

Gridlocked – how power is lost in Pakistan’s distribution lines

Power breakdown: Nationwide blackout

Power plants stay closed despite cheaper oil

Upper Sindh endures 12-hour blackout

National power grid survives major breakdown

Hydro or coal: diverse interests

Power sector woes

 Winter gas headaches

Two Thar coal power projects to be completed by 2017

Power ministry performance found worst

 Tax on solar imports threatens clean energy push: experts

Denmark plans to join the 100 club (100% renewables, that is)

Turnaround: The story behind K-Electric’s Rs12b in profits

How Nepra is adding to Karachi’s energy woes

 Untapped reserves: Search for shale gas to start next year

 Power distribution firms seek 16-50pc increase in tariff

Foreign investors: Confidence flags in wake of political turmoil

Taxes on solar panels: Say bye to cheap electricity

Loadshedding to end within four years: Ishaq Dar

Short end of the stick: Residents suffer as legislators play politics over power

Rosy Thar energy outlook

Power theft, leakages: Govt plans to recover Rs45b worth of losses from consumers

Pooling resources: Denmark assures assistance for wind power turbines

Energy sector reforms: Japan agrees to give concessionary loan

Powering through: Chinese company, APTMA sign MoU

Budget 2014-15: Subsidies and circular debt

Power outages dent pace of economic growth

Economic Survey: Dependence on oil, gas continues

Rs1.7tr power subsidy beats Diamer-Basha dam cost

Earthly matters: There’s nothing clean about coal

Using technology: Spend smart, upgrade power system, advise experts

Electricity generation to be doubled in 10 years

Rickety power sector

Nawaz approves two new coal fired plants for Gadani

Water release cut hits power generation

 Burden of power: Why we are in the dark

Misallocating gas

Why it’s time to get tougher on energy theft (And on ourselves)

Denmark Most Attractive Destination  for Green Investments

Vital energy projects to take more than nine years

Power outages in summer to be reduced substantially

The Urdu rate of growth

Above the law

Electricity shock: ‘Pakistanis paying highest tariffs in region’

Load shedding woes: Govt trying to curtail electricity supply to KESC

Energy policy is going nowhere

Pylon blown up: Eight days on, power crisis continues in Balochistan

China offers to help resolve K-P’s energy crisis

India Is Building The World’s Largest Solar Plant For $4.4 Billion

Power production: Pakistan needs to bank on cheaper fuel sources

Govt back to square one

Balochistan energy resources waiting to be exploited

Going green: Honda launches its first hybrid car in Pakistan

Pakistan poised to become member of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation energy club

Denmark keen to increase trade, investment in Pakistan, says envoy

Denmark surpasses 100 percent wind power

Pakistan fears 16-20 hour power outages in three months

Karachi Power Project first step towards loadshedding-free Pakistan: Nawaz

Power outages a misfortune for farmers

The million dollar question at COP19: Where’s the money?

Venturing into community power generation

Alternative energy: Frequent transfers slow down Punjab power projects

Alternative energy: Work on 10 biogas plants begins

Despite debt clearance, IPPs fail to enhance supply

Power firms on priority list for sale

Supporting the poor: German Development Bank launches €10 million renewable energy project

NED university to become country’s first green campus

Impact of tariff hikes varies for small, big companies

Production falls: Energy import critical for Pakistan’s economy, says ADB

Turkish group to invest in Gadani power park

Sharp increase in electricity tariff

Engineers suggest a mix of alternative energy resources to overcome energy crisis

Captive power: Industry members warn of major energy crisis

Punjab to produce over 350MW from alternative energy

California aims to ‘bottle sunlight’ in energy storage push

MoU signed for making renewable energy products

Planning ahead: Nawaz for fast-tracking power generation

National energy policy gets CCI approval

Punjab government & Chinese firm to generate power

Wind projects to start generating power in a year

Energy mix: PEC sets up on-grid solar power generation project

ICCI lauds PM’s orders against power theft

Provinces seek time to examine energy policy

‘Ambitious’ national energy policy formulated

Loadshedding goes on

CM censures centre over power outages during Ramazan

Ramazan and fasting: Citizens face power outages

LHC wants to see Ramazan loadshedding schedule

Power crisis to persist, affect economic growth

Installation cost deters investment in the cheap power sources

Uncollected bills: Government institutions are the biggest deadbeats

As power shortfall increases, so do outages

Unscheduled loadshedding disrupts life in Faisalabad

Sunday’s power fiasco: What went wrong?

Why power outages are mostly our own fault?

Why has power shortage soared?

Subsidies worth Rs240b set aside for energy firms

IMF wants Pakistan to phase out power subsidies

Power outages sap Pakistan’s productivity

Opposition calls Energy Conference a failure

Gas crisis: Asim Hussain defends govt’s energy policies

Power protesters set train alight

Power slowly resumes after outage hits 65% of Karachi

Power crisis: Hunza faces 30-hour-long outage

Energy crisis: Blackouts propel power riots in Lahore, Faisalabad

Power shutdown in Gilgit for 43 hours

Power outages: Roving gangs shut down Pindi

Nuclear projects to address energy crisis

Power outages for losses, job-cuts in K-P

Worried over subsidy, US calls for privatising power companies

Circular Debt:Rs130b in electric bills

Reaction to protests: Wapda employees threaten to go on strike

Power crisis resolved, new set of reforms soon

Electricity woes: Masked men open fire on KESC office

Destitute energy chain: PSO pleads for help

Major power breakdown plunges south Karachi in darkness

Electricity blackouts: 200 rioters sent to jail

Karachi Violence Case: Power breakdowns mar last hearing

Spineless solutions: As power shortage hits all-time high

Digital meters to curb electricity theft in Pakistan

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